“It was already enough”: Salma Hayek erupts after death of George Floyd


During the last hours of yesterday, it was informed that a man of african-american named George Floyd was killed by a police officer, who suffocated the victim by placing his knee on his neck after allegedly resisting arrest and to consider this event as an act of vile racism, many celebrities raised their voice.

Salma Hayek took his powerful voice to send a message of boredom. “Already was enough a long time ago. How many more lives will be lost before this is over?“.

Eva Longoria, Eiza González, Luis Fonsi and Roselyn Sanchez, among others, used their respective accounts of Instagram to demand that justice be done in this case and that once and for all to end this kind of crimes, because it is not right to take the life of a human being so cruel just because of their skin colour.

“Why? My heart hurts every time I read the news. When do you plan to finish this? We are all human beings and we deserve to be protected, not killed”, “I can’t remove the image of the head, nor to stay silent”, “we Live in a country that is very racist and abusive. Enough of this crap” and “It’s the most evil I have ever seen. I’m speechless and heart broken. God bless this man and his family” are the messages of the artists, which were placed next to photographs of the man who was deprived of life.

According to some u.s. media, the FBI conducted a thorough investigation of what happened on the streets of Minneapolis and as a result four policemen, including the one that took his life at the african american man, were dismissed from their posts after having demonstrated that there was brutality, as during the mishap victim begs for air on several occasions and complains of pains by the way you argue.