JC Stewart, the young man who conquered Jennifer Aniston


The singer and composer JC Stewart of irish origin, has become known in the music industry with topics such as Bones or Lying that you love me, however, your curiosity to be creative, encouraged in times of quarantine, has led him to create some melodies and lyrics that spread on social networks with the sole purpose of consenting to their fans.

What this artist of 23 years never imagined, was that one of those songs and their video that mixes the daily situation in the households of the world by the confinement required to reach the eyes and ears of the actress Jennifer Aniston, who shared with the world through Instagram the makeshift work of Steweart.

“It’s crazy, a video that is done in the worst way, until I felt a little silly and I never imagined that Jennifer Aniston were to share, and that the song that was created for this video were to become viral and is one of the craziest things that have happened to me in life. Another thing that’s not expected is that Aniston began to follow me on that network,” said JC Stewart in an interview.

Beyond the impact that gave this event the virtual, the interpreter is forging a career in where to get a letters and sounds that can’t be compared with anyone or anything, is your main mission.

“In my music I try to expose all my emotions, I’ve been trying that they are turned into art over the years, and I think that we are on the right way to achieve it,” said the musician, who seeks to always show the most honest form through their work.

“I try everything what I put in my music is something that I reralice, I try to make the letters describe a real feeling, otherwise there would be no way to work or to connect with other people”, he stressed.

The connection with the audience is one of the situations that look for the young singer in his music and in his words, in the scenario is when the best is achieved: “to Be on stage is amazing, I feel that being there leaves me a kind alter ego, each time I climb I feel as if it were the last time. I love the energy that is downloaded there, I am very happy to be able to do what they want, which is to sing my songs face-to-face to the people. Definitely that was one of the experiences that the more I longed to live in and it has turned out far better than I expected.

Despite the impediments of a global pandemic, JC Stewart is ready to present new music. “I am very excited because next week estrenaré a song, it’s called I need you to hate me, this is definitely my favorite song that I’ve made and that I’ve thrown out, had to wait too long to throw it, you invested a lot of time. It is much more intense than the other there is a lot of anger in it, this is the cut that I would have loved to start all over, it is as if encapsulara all in a single song, he said.