Jennifer Aniston, in love with the music of JC Stewart


Jennifer Aniston tends to share with his followers of Instagram the music you listen to dailyor songs of their favorite artists. And the actress, without knowing it, helped the young artist JC Stewart to have more visibility.

JC Stewart is a singer and composer of irish origin, which gradually has made a name for themselves in the music. The artist became known with songs like ‘Lying that you love me’ and, during the quarantine, he has shared through networks, new songs, only for the enjoyment of their fans.

What they never envisioned the artist, was an actress of the stature of Jennifer Aniston, I could listen to his music, and not only that, but they also shared it with his millions of followers.

Jennifer Aniston wanted to share with the world, through its account of Instagram, a video of one of the songs from JC Stewart . A theme in which the artist spoke about the current situation, accompanied by a video that showed the daily situation of millions of homes around the world.

After the actress shared the video, it quickly became viral. Overwhelmed by the great reception that had their songand very excited and grateful to the actress, JC Stewart gave an interview in which he spoke about what happened.

It is a madness. It is a video that is done in the worst way, until I felt a little silly. I never imagined that Jennifer Aniston would share and the song that was created for this video to become viral. It is one of the craziest things that have happened to me in life. Another thing that’s not expected is that Aniston began to follow me on that network”. “What makes the Internet!