Kate Beckinsale and her excellent relationship with the girlfriend of his ex | News


Hollywood has become the window of modern families. Giving example of this new trend very close and friendly, Kate Beckinsale has shown that it takes an excellent relationship with the comedian Sarah Silvermangirlfriend of her former husband, Michael Sheen. Some days ago, the three posed willingly in front of the photographers during the premiere of the tape Love and Friendshipwhere they saw the most fun together. These images uncovered the excellent relationship that there is between the three. “I don’t know why everyone was so surprised. Sarah is a fantastic woman, love her, Michael and I have gotten along well for years. What I know since I am 22 years old, basically we are family,” explained the actress Stylist“What surprised me is that he called so much the attention of the whole world that we are on good terms, it makes me think: ‘Demons, it is very sad that this is so unusual’”. For a sample of the good relationship between Kate and her ex-husband, the actors posed with his daughter Lilyrecreating the picture of the birth of the teenager. More expressive, ” Kate had said before to Sarah: “I love her, love her, love her. I’m so happy that Michael found for me not to have to spend the rest of my life looking for her,” he said to E!.