Katy Perry and what you need to know of her wedding to Orlando Bloom

The wedding between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom it will be, without a doubt, the most expected by 2020. It is the third occasion in which the couple decides to change the date of your marriage (and, we hope to be the last). As it is, the wedding planner this wedding (yes, Katy Perry) has given a resounding NO to the white wedding dress, and some u.s. media suggest that within the guests to your wedding could be nothing less than Taylor Swift, with whom he faced a few months ago for “stealing” the dancers of his music tour.

It is time for the details of this iconic wedding!

Romance movie: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

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When is it committed?

The couple decided to give the great yes Valentine’s Day. With a diamond-shaped purple flower, Kate Perry and Orlando Bloom posed together, in front of a romantic scene cover of helium balloons in the shape of a heart. At once, the singer of Never Really Over put together a photo album next to her future husband with a heartwarming caption: “look who pledged on Valentine’s day!”.

When is the wedding?

Apparently, Katy Perry it is a wedding planner very meticulous and you want a wedding more than perfect. Well, actually, there are two: one local and one in some exotic place. Therefore, the date has been further postponed. The wedding was going to be in September, then in December and now, early next year.

What is known about the wedding dress?

The wedding will be small, not too ostentatious, and, possibly, in secret. Katy Perry prefers to skip the tradition and opt out of a wedding dress white. “She wants to avoid having to go from white and his family is doing everything possible to get you to be more discreet”, said a source close to the couple. Will it be a rose dress an option in the mind of the singer California Girls?

Kate Perry next to Orlando Bloom: love is in the air

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How started the love story between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom?

Their relationship is muse, without problems, of a typical romantic movie american (yes, of those where you know how it will end, but suffer in the half-time break). The first glimpses were given in the after party to the awards, Golden Globes, in January of 2016. Flirtations were and came in a series of photographs of paparazziduring holidays both in Italy, until, in 2017, announced their split on “good terms”.

However, in August of that same year continued to haunt, and, the following year, showed his love to flower of skin without the fear of the flashes. Both of them have a previous marriage in common, announced their engagement on February 14 of this year.

Who are the former partners of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom?

Both have already passed by the altar. Katy Perry married Russell Brand, with whom he lived three intense years of romance. While, Orlando Bloom married model Miranda Kerr, the mother of his son.

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