Kelly Clarkson revealed her secret to losing 16 kilos


Kelly Clarkson, 2017, 2018

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images; Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Kelly Clarkson has been an artist in constant struggle with their weight. Although everything indicates that this time, she lost for ever.

The singer has made a few appearances recently in the media, and it looks fantastic! However she had been very reserved with the secret to down size, up to last Friday, where he revealed to Today show of NBC, which was exactly what he did, and few pounds lost.

Kelly she credited her new figure to eat better, no exercise required. “Literally I read this book, and I did it for this autoimmune disease that I had in addition to my thyroid problems, and ahoraa all my levels went up again,” said the program. “I stopped taking medicines because of this book”.

That book referenced is called The Plant Paradox by Steven Gundry, and “basically it’s about how we cook our foods, no gmos, no pesticides, eating really organic … Literally, I have not exercised for nothing, “said the diva of pop.

While the diet has its effect wonderfully, Clarkson admits that eating healthy is not economic. “I was poor when I was younger, there is no way my family could afford this”.

Now the important thing… what is the paradox of the plant?

Gundry is a cardiac surgeon who says on its website that certain healthy foods like fruits and vegetables can harm your body by producing lectins, which it calls “toxic chemicals”.

“When the lectin invades our bodies, it can cause some inflammatory responses to serious and other health problems, such as syndrome of the leaky gut, weight gain, mental confusion, and more,” writes Gundry in your web site.

His book provides a list of foods and ingredients that he suggests not to eat: vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage, along with fish and poultry raised on pasture. The fruits, however, are limited: only berries and avocados of the season have their approval.

Some doctors and nutritionists do not opt for this regime of food, since there is no demonstrable evidence that indicates that the food lectinos be inflammatory.

Consider that if Kelly Clarkson I had problems with hypothyroidism, you must be in a special treatment that speeds up the metabolism, and in addition, must have reduced the amount of calories per day. Whatever you are doing, it looks fabulous!

It is your part to decide if you dare to try this diet or you choose a plant-based.