Kendall Jenner aliment rumors of romance with NBA player

During the last weeks, has begun to run the rumor of a possible romance which you may be having Kendall Jenner and the american Devin Booker, and that is have recently been seen spending a lot of time together.

Despite the fact that sources of TMZ stated that the model and the player of the Phoenix Suns held only a kind of friendly, the amount of time they are spending together these past weeks and the way in which it is seen, has fueled rumors.

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It is worth noting, that in the past, the entrepreneur was already involved with another NBA player as it is the australian Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers, with whom to place the ap again after you resume your relationship at the end of the ao last.

A significant other to the famous confes to E! News in December of 2019:

“Took a break because it was difficult to maintain a relationship with their schedules. But we kept in touch and there was never a bad breakup or resentment”.

Source: Instagram

The past month of February, the eldest of the sisters Jenner, was accompanied by Simmons in a pool and taking the sun, thus confirming that his relationship is maintained and that every time you can share time together.

“They have appointments pretty. When both were in New York recently, they went to the Museum of Natural History. You see each time that it is possible in any city that works best for you. What has been seen in Philadelphia with ms often than people think. She goes under the profile”.

Source: Instagram

However, since a month ago, the relation of Jenner with Booker has been a topic of conversation because they have been seen together on repeated occasions, the first of these was in Arizona, and that call more the attention was the last, so she went to look at the airport of Los angeles during the Memorial Day.

Even or Kendall Jenner or Devin Booker have made statements on the occasion of this visit nor the reason why they are spending so much time together, something that doesn’t do more than stir speculation about a possible courtship between the two.

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