Kim Kardashian shows how uncomfortable it is for her to put on a latex suit in this video


At the MET Gala 2019, Kim Kardashian took the dress that (considered at that time) was the most uncomfortable he had used in his life: it was a super tight dress color nude, with transparency and effect wet (that looked like drops of water falling from the sleeves and the neckline of this celeb), designed by Thierry Mugler.

Shortly after the event, Kim Kardashian confessed that was a look that did not feel anything comfortable and that even had difficulties to breathe while wearing it.

A few months ago, in an exclusive after-party of the Oscars 2020, the corporate american used a vintage dress of haute couture, Alexander McQueen (that Kanye West gave her for Christmas) and they could not sit!

‘Literally, I had to sleep in the car, as if he could not sit down because my dress might break or tear or something… but it’s worth it… I am a queen!’, confessed Kim in a recent interview.

The latex suit more ÍNCÓMODO that has used Kim Kardashian is…

As you may remember, the tv star had already admitted what were the dresses that I couldn’t breathe or move due to the tight and structured they were. And now, Kim Kardashian has revealed in the recent promotional video of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ what has been the suit that turned out to be a torture total for her.