Lady Gaga as God brought the world


Lady Gaga

May 28, 2020
(11:53 CET)

There are many artists who, in the moment in which they saw social networks as Instagram or Twitter they became tools of dissemination, jumped on the bandwagon quickly.

Lady Gaga, how not to, was one of them. And is that, as pointed out by many of their most faithful fans, “a large part of the success of Lady Gaga is given by its image and its controversy.”

It is evident that the singer of New York you have a gift for music, and one of those voices that are rarely heard, but also what is the character that has been created around his figure is the one that has led him to have so much success.

The photo of Lady Gaga

There have been just few times that the singer has been starring for his eccentric outfits and her actions. On the other hand, also has often been key players for confrontations with paparazzi or photos that did not go out very graceful.

But beyond the news and the controversies outside, also it is she who knows that, the more in the spotlight, the better for the business. That is why in their social networks typically upload content that is very provocative.

Lady Gaga

In this case, it is not other that an image of Lady Gaga you can see a singer inside of a bath tub, obviously without any clothes on, and that leaves very very little to the imagination.

A photo that, for many, it is very likely that Instagram end up censoring. Among other things because there have been many comments that have been shown in against the photo in question.

A photo very to the limit”, “wow, Instagram is going to censor!”, “What a beast”, “This woman has no shame,” “once more Lady Gaga proving that censorship is not exactly something that worried too much” or “Great Lady Gaga” these are just some of them.