Lady Gaga wears mask pink with spikes


The spacecraft has taken off and everything is ready for that Lady Gaga welcomes you to his most recent album entitled Chromatica, which will be released this may 28, at the global level.

So, as part of the promotion of this new production, he has seen the singer travel the roads of the united States mounted in delivery trucks with a huge promotional image of the album.

Photo: Instagram @ladygaga

So what you have shared through your account of instagram where we can see aboard one of the transports, yes, fulfilling the normmas of protccion to the coronavirus carrying a mask fuchsia color.

This mask has attracted attention, since it is a mask made of what appears to be neoprene with a color, fuchsia power, barbed metal around it and the legend “Chromatica” in the center, in letters, black in colour.

Photo: Instagram @imngo

This mask is a garment created by the designer Michael Ngo who recently launched a collection of interesting masks with applications and fabrics very ad hoc with the aesthetic of the new album of Gaga. It is worth mentioning that this designer already took care of dress to Ariana Grande in the video “Rain on me”, as well as it has done for J. Lo., Thalia and Lizzo.Changing a little bit to what we were seeing lately, Gaga decided to combine this mask with a set tydye color white and violet signed by Baja East, Scott Studenberg.

Photo: Instagram @bajaeast

And so, the singer thanked the designer for her look.
“I love you @scottstudenberg, thank you for my look hand-made, what did you do with the hands and was still wet when I got it and I put it on. Really made with love. You are the best ba @bajaeast”.

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It seems that the quarantine has not stopped the singer in new york because it has not stopped releasing new music with artists of international stature such as Ariana Grande and the musical group Korean Black Pink despite this, Gaga now shows us that it is possible to give something of style facemasks because you have to remember will be part of our outfits daily.

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