Leaked a photo of Selena Gomez in a bikini Without a drop of photoshop!

The famous actress and singer Selena Marie Gomez, has been one of the celebrities who has asked his followers to acceptance. Through its brand of cosmetics “Rare Beauty“, has been responsible for spreading the self-love and self-acceptance. Despite the fact that many of their followers, follow by its beauty, it seems that the celebrity is not the typical example of physical perfection, and this came to light in public on the evening of this Thursday.

Although the young star has attempted to evade this type of news, the entertainment media and the paparazzi have not stopped. Days ago celebrity wrote on his official Instagram: “Take a break on the social networks. Again. For a lot to be thankful for the voice that social networks give us each one of us, I am equally grateful to be able to take a step back and live my present life until the time that you have given me”.

The famous photo of Selena Gomez

To end your thoughtful message, Selena Gomez clarified “itKindness and encouragement just for a moment! Just remember: the negative comments can hurt the feelings of any“. After returning to the social networks and to assume his psychological conditions, he has been more successful and free. It is for this reason that managed to capture a few photos in a bikini without a drop of photo retouching and the interpreter of “Boyfriend”, seems not to care.

Although many people were filled with criticism of the photographs that were leaked in the Internet also were many followers in support of the young singer. “She is also happy and that is all that matters”, was one of the comments posted on social networks. “It is your body and for many years was going through a bad moment to be perfect now“, was another of the comments produced by your followers.

It should be noted that through the therapy, Selena Gomez he left behind many of his fears, including his obsession with his physical appearance and your figure. In a few words, stopped being “cool” for the rest of the world, to make sure to be a version for herself. Many claim that the medication he consumed to his depression, he managed to increase weight.

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