Margot Robbie: supervillana gym, ice hockey and skating


Who would you say Margot Robbie I had to get in shape? The australian seemed more than ready to show off your 1,69 height in the cinema after ‘Pan Am‘(2011-2012) or ‘The wolf of Wall Street’ (2013). But the actress decided that she wanted to be part of the action movie began to combine a series of workouts that have moulded a figure that has been seen to evolve in ‘Suicide Squad’ (2016), ‘I ‘ Tonya’ (2017) and the imminent ‘Birds of prey (and the fantabulosa emancipation of Harley Quinn)’.

Robbie decided to get in shape for the first delivery as your Harley Quinn on the screen. The actress is prepared to fund with the trainer Andie Hecker with sessions of three hours a day to look up abs in ‘Suicide Squad’. Although the film did not receive very good reviews, its role as the supervillana DC conquered a great part of the spectators and the costume of the girlfriend-ex-girlfriend of the Joker became the favorite of the teens for Halloween in the united States.

The pants of a tiny Harley Quinn

“There is a scene in ‘Suicide Squad’ in which to change clothes in front of a group of types, so that your abs should be impeccable. And with those little shorts that used Harley, her ass was constantly on display“explained Hecker on the decision of Quinn harden your workouts.

First, he adapted exercises inspired by the ballet (the preparer had formed part of a ballet of Los Angeles) to accommodate to the gym, but quickly incorporated weights into their activities and pulleys for resistance. The work joined their surf sessions (legacy australian obligated). For when the time came to filming, Robbie was stunning, although she always mentioned that she felt awkward during the shoot with that dress so exposed.

Joined the Pilates and the cardio exercises without volume (especially jumps associated with the dance). Tension and repetitions were the orders of Hecker. Forged a body of sculpture in the then 26-year-old.”It was a soldier total. It was very satisfying to change exactly as I wanted it to be seen in so little time,” remarked the personal trainer. As revealed by the return preparer, the actress worked up to the point of reaching the objectives that are advanced that I would not recommend most of those who go to the gym. What is more, ensures that with half of what he managed to make his pupil I would be more than good for anyone to be in great shape.

If you talk to Robbie tell you the opposite. Suffered in those days because he had to delete his diet based on burgers and fries, but it came out as I expected. “I am of extremes. I can spend three days eating carrots if I have to enter in a bikini”, he pointed to the star on its not advisable diet. With the physical exercise is different. “I like to play tennis, run in the park or going to dance classes with my friends,” he said in an interview in The Telegraph a year ago.

Skating and ice hockey

When the turn came to embody the figure skater Tonya Harding also took it very seriously. You may not get to execute a triple axel, but all that preparation on the ice has continued to ‘Birds of Prey’ because Harley Quinn is an expert skater roller derby.

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The decision of the australian to adapt to the slippery conditions was to establish a routine player ice hockey. First, I heated up during 10 minutes running and jumping for 10 minutes, then did reps with sets of 8 to 12 squats to the side and then worked to raise the feet face up to act on their abdominals. Neither had abandoned their routines of cardio or careers to keep in shape. Yes, your diet during the shoot I swapped the smoothies of kale and an apple for breakfast, lunch of chicken with lemon and rice is prohibited, and dinners of tuna with sweet potato.

The only step that acknowledges not to have exceeded the stunts. 29-year-old remains on top form but he decided to give some action scenes of ‘Birds of prey’ to the specialists. “They were too risky”, has recognized the actress. All in all, the australian is proud of having participated in an action movie with women and will try to stay in shape to continue performing films of the genre. There are more adventures of Harley Quinn and Robbie is not going to drop the hand of the supervillana.