Mariah Carey, Naomi Campbell and Kanye West among the famous faces who condemn the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police


The death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer from Minnesota during a police intervention has sparked social protests across the US against the incidents of police brutality that suffer members of the african-american community in the country.

Floyd was arrested for a non-violent offense of forgery, since apparently I would have tried to use a counterfeit ticket at a grocery store. The man was taken from his vehicle by the police and bound first against the wall and then on the floor.

“George Floyd was killed by a white man a racist disguised as a policeman. This is not only between cops and blacks. This is between the racist white and black people. This has been another sign of white privilege. It is inhuman!”, he claimed the singer Jessie J.

This line has been followed by a large part of the citizenship and celebrity us after the death of Floyd. This black man of 46 years died after being detained and restrained on the ground when one of the agents, squeezed his neck with the knee for several minutes.

Despite the cries of Floyd ensuring that he could not breathe, the police did not lay down their attitude until it was too late, despite the fact that the man did not show at any time signs of resisting. In fact, since being perfectly still, the man did not drop your knee until it appeared the ambulance. Seven minutes was Floyd subjected to then die of suffocation.

“Let me wake up! I can’t breathe!”, was the last sentence that he spoke, and already it has become the main slogan of the protests both on the street level and on the social networks as a show of indignation.

In addition to the mobilizations in the street, the list of influential people who condemn the acts not to grow. The singers Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Kanye West, athletes Lebron James and Lewis Hamilton, the models Naomi Campbell and the Magnet and the editor of English Vogue’s Edward Enninful; the actresses Viola Davis, Halle Berry, Octavia Spencer, Penelope Cruz, Lupita’nyong’o and Eva Longoria in addition to actor Jamie Foxx and director Spike Lee are just a few of the names that have taken an active part in the protest.

Before the streets filled with protests and the outrage it has caused in the american people the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police. Donald Trump has been forced to appear in court and ensure that it will perform an investigation of the facts

“By my request, the FBI and the Justice Department have already initiated an investigation into the death very sad and tragic in Minnesota of George Floyd,” said the president in his personal profile from Twitter.