Mariah Carey releases a deluxe edition of his Christmas album for its 25th anniversary

It seems incredible that have already been 25 years since Mariah Carey put voice All I want for Christmas is youone of the carols that are more successful and reproduced the story. The theme, that each year it will be in vogue for a long time, I was included in his album Merry Christmas, the fourth of his career. A work that the artist will not be able to ever forget and that still gives many joys. On the occasion of this anniversary is so important, the ‘queen of Christmas’ has wanted to make a tribute to this hit and re-edit the disk, which will be accompanied by many more surprises.

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She herself has been responsible for telling their fans with a video in which you can see the singer writing with a lipstick on a mirror. In it he claims to be excited by this release that, in addition to including that album, will include new versions of the popular christmas carol, some duo, as well as a reinterpretation of Sugar Plum Fairy. But not only that, it will be a double CD – Deluxe Anniversary Editionbecause the iconic album will be accompanied by his legendary christmas concert from the cathedral of Saint John The Divine, 1994, that has not been released officially until now.

Will go on sale the next day, 1 November, although it can be done pre-order on its website, where in addition to this musical gift you can buy different plug-ins christmas as hoodies or the classic sock fireplace. Mariah Carey is in anticipation of Christmas with this release though, as she herself admits in the video, before it comes to Halloween or thanksgiving. And what makes you ready to reach another record high.

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On the 24th of December 2018 All I want for Christmas is you it became the song most listened to in a single day in the history of Spotify, with a total of 10.8 million copies streaming. This shows that it is a letter that is already in the memory of the music, which transcends borders and times. Not in vain, every year without exception, from that first saw the light in 1994, the theme returns to sneak into the main list of successful americans, claiming their power, as the Billboard. Precisely, the well-known music publishing granted Icon Music Award in the last edition of his high-profile awards, where he was able to see the artist offering a show on the stage.

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