Marie Claire | From Shiloh to John: the great change in the child trans of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were always clear about their son Shiloh. From the age of three the small confessed that he wanted to be a boy and none of their parents was a major problem and supported him in his decision.

But now that it is all a teenager the family went a step beyond, and, as it publishes a well-known header american, started a hormone treatment to become physically in a guy.

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Already in the past, the two actors spoke of the preferences of the child. “Only wants to be called John. John or Peter, by Peter Pan. Sometimes I say to him: ‘Shi, do you want …’ – ‘John. I’m John’. And then I say: ‘John, do you want some orange juice?’ And she responds: ‘No!’

Then, you know, this is the type of things that are beautiful to the parents, and is, probably, really unpleasant to other people” confessed the protagonist of ‘the fight club’ during an interview with Oprah Winfrey several years ago.

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In addition, Angelina Jolie confessed to Vanity Fair that the preferences of John, then Shiloh, were evident from a young age. “Likes the costumes. Takes tie, jacket and pants. Likes to dress like a boy.

You want to be as a child. We had to cut the hair. We like to use things of man. Think that is like one of her brothers. Brad and I we do not think how to tell you how you should act or how you should feel. You find your place.”

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Despite the turbulent divorce that leads to shaking the family Pitt Jolie for more than two years, the change of gender of John it is something that both Brad as Angelina agreed from the first moment.

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