Mia Khalifa is back on track, now open your legs for us!


It has been 3 years since Mia Khalifa decided to leave the cinema for adults. 3 years have gone by fast or slow, depending how you look.

For her very fast, because it has been acknowledged many times that is the best decision you took in your life. Even so your videos on the pages destinations the pleasure adult are still the most visited. Remains the actress most desired by men and it is costing you to shake off that stereotype.

Lately we have seen retrasmitiendo sporting events and working for different clothing brands. In addition, she is very active in Instagram where he has 18 million followers. She has always been contrary to return. In fact, the other day came up in a conversation where a producer offered him to return to work erotic and she refused in resounding.

He said the lebanese who preferred to be in the street before you go back to perform something as well. And is that has shown to be repentant of having done so many movies. You have to remember that she was even threatened by the Islamic State appeared in one of those movies with the hijab.

She was young and somewhat unconscious and did not know the impact of these videos would have. However, has learned from their mistakes and do not want to ever return. From now on he has another role for Instagram and wants to perpetuate its new image.

And we have seen a return to the old ways. In the gym, usual work location and where it goes up a lot of your photos, resting behind, sure, one of his series of training. With the legs open and giving a glimpse of a short pant that allows you to perform all the movements that she wants.

And is that when you go to do a job that requires physical effort, we must try to be as comfortable as possible. Mia Khalifa is well aware. The rubber band always at the wrist, one always has to be prepared. Mia has returned. What we celebrate.