Miley Cyrus surprises with a new look on this dance that hits Tik Tok


Miley Cyrus is one of those artists that never ceases to amaze us. The quarantine by coronaviruses has not been reason enough for the artist to stop working. From the first moment, the u.s. is turned on to maintain contact with their fans through social networks. Now that it has been several weeks since usher our confinement, we have to say that has been achieved.

In addition, there has been only present in Instagram, but now it is one of the most usual in Tik Tok. The singer always seeks to be renewed and not what we say only for his new hair cut. We refer to their original video clips. The last, to promote the new issue of his younger sister.

Noah Cyrus has recently released ‘Ghost’ and that has been the perfect excuse for Miley to give free rein to his wit, a new release of Tik Tok. “Seeing me in a bikini for the first time since the quarantine,” he said in the clip in which it appears by going down some stairs of stone out of your garden listening to the summery theme of her sister.

For the youngest of the Cyrus, the surname has never played to his favor. “That would always be in the background was something I heard every day, all my life. I would never be good enough for various reasons, either by my physique or my way of being. My sister is like the sun, bringing light wherever you go, and I was born to bring rain clouds, blessed in their shadow” he told Noah.

The fact that Miley Cyrus is a big star international seems to have eclipsed the talent of his little sister, something that has had to adapt since has use of reason and who has now learned to see another way. However, the consequences of fame have not prevented the former Hannah Montana is proud of his sister and take advantage of occasions like this to raise awareness of the promising future of Noah.