Millie Bobby Brown referred to the infidelity of her boyfriend via Snapchat


It seems that the relationship between Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius has come to an end. The actress protagonist of Stranger Things you could have broken with the singer after discovering that it has been unfaithful through the platform of Snapchat. Apparently, Jacob asked for photos of nude girls through this social network, which has meant that Millie has stopped following him on Instagram.

Ruptures sentimental are hard but if to that we add that the reason is infidelity and that happens when you are a teenager, the trance can be devastating. Millie Bobby Brown, at 14 years of age, has discovered what it is that you break in heart.

Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius

Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius

The actress, who lives a good professional time splendid, has just discovered that her boyfriend, Jacob Sartorius, she has been unfaithful. And is that social networks are very dangerous because it is impossible to control the flow of information that circulates, and it has been precisely thanks to them that Millie Bobby Brown has discovered the deception of her boyfriend.

As reported by Perez Hilton on his website, Jacob Sartorius would have been using Snapchat to ask for nude pictures of various girls, including Morgan Crues, a girl who had collaborated with him in a video. And although this is something that many might not consider infidelity itself, since then it is not befitting of someone with a partner.

To find out what happened and see evidence of graphics via social networks, Millie Bobby Brown has left to follow Jacob Sartorius on Instagram. However, after the alarm first time, something has happened in this social network.

Millie Bobby Brown has not only posted a picture in which she appears very happy next to Jacob Sartorius but also has blocked the possibility to leave comments on this publication of Instagram.

Fans of the actress are somewhat puzzled because they do not know if the infidelity of Jacob in Snapchat has been real or whether the actress has decided to forgive you.