Miranda Kerr’s ex Orlando Bloom, says photo of Katy Perry

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom were one of the couples most acclaimed of Hollywood, breaking the hearts of their fans when they decided to put point and end to your story of love with a child in common, Flynn. Shortly after both rehacían their respective lives, but far from taking separate paths continue to most states.

The model returned to marry with the employer Evan Spiegel, who has two other children: Hart and Myles. The actor, after comings and goings, will be a father very soon Katy Perryas recently announced in their social networks. And between all form a big family.

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Demonstrating the good vibes together and the love that you have, Miranda has discussed publicly the last publication of the singer’s boasts of his incipient paunch of pregnant.

“Beautiful mom,” commented Miranda in the publication of Katy Perry showing that they are very good friends, in addition to that very shortly they will be united forever as their children will be brothers, in addition to that the singer has always shown the love to the eldest son of her husband.

This is not the first time that the two women share in social networks the appreciation that you have, thus giving an example of the good relationship between ex-partners and women.


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