Mood Ring Britney Spears finally will be on all the streaming platforms

“Mood Ring” of Britney Spears is getting a release on streaming this may 29, a subject that is part of a special edition of their album “Glory”, who recently filed a new cover at the request of the fans.

“Glory”, the ninth album of study of Britney includes 12-official theme and 2 singles

Britney Spears has added six previously unreleased tracks to the deluxe edition in addition to her 12 original songs

Originally, “Mood Ring” only released as an additional track on the japanese edition of “Glory”, so this will be the first time that the majority of fans can access legally to it.

The devoted fans of Britney Spears finally have something new to devour, and “Mood Ring” is a bop perfectly cute that eclipses that of several tracks that were included in the standard edition.

Britney Spears prepares premiere of Mood Ring

“Look at yourself in the mirror, who do I see? Who I want to be today? Britney Spears reflects on the polished beats of DJ Mustard. “If you came to a show, what role should I take?”.

The song debuts in 2016 as part of “Glory” really comes to life in the chorus. “My love is a ring of mood (mood ring), emotions up and down, all these changes of mood,” he says. “You know how to read the touch of my skin, nothing in my body more than this ring of mood”.

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If the new theme of Britney Spears, “Mood Ring”, manages to be a success in the streaming platforms, there are many possibilities of which his label, RCA debuts more unreleased songs or exclusive of other countries in the future.

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