Myrka Dellanos celebrates his birthday 55


His daughter, fruit of his first marriage with the late surgeon Alexander Loynáz, he has devoted a good wishes of birthday, accompanied by several photographs of the trunk of the memories, being the most emotive of all, the photo in which Alexa appears when she was a baby. “Dear mom it’s your birthday, so I want to presumirte all day. My mom is the most loving woman, humble, hardworking and honest I have ever known. Not to mention, it is beautiful inside and out. She is cool without even trying and I don’t say this because it is my mother”, is read at the beginning of the message, Alexa.

Myrka Dellanos©@alexadellanos
Alexa Dellanos is the only daughter of Myrka

“She is the funniest person and always helps the people to make you feel better. Everything he touches turns to gold. I admire her and she is my main inspiration, represents my goals of mom, the goals of my heart and of my body hahaha. My mom is not only the best mom in the world. Is a teacher in the art of communication, a journalist and an award-winning author, a true entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a dancer and a music genius”.

“But, above all, she is a mom to me and to anyone who needs comfort. Mom, thanks for being you. Always gives more than he receives, and does so with grace. You are my best friend and my angel on earth. I love you,” concluded Alexa in his emotional greeting. With so many gifts, flattery and sweet words, surely, to Myrka Dellanos will be a birthday unforgettable.

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