Nicki Minaj busting a little dream of bath: “you don’t Cardi B!”


03 July 2019
(14:50 CET)

Nicki Minaj has become one of the artists most controversial of the last few years. In fact, while it is true that the of Trinity and Tobago what has petado, and much, a musical level, a good part of its media impact has also come from the hand of their polemics.

A piece of land, the messes, the crossings of statements and tweets that the rapper feels most comfortable. And is that Nicki know that the more you talk about it the better off you are going to go to the business.

Hence, another of the weapons that you have to be always in the focus of the media is their style of dress. A style that is unique in this sense and that, while it is true that now many mimic, was Nicki the opted for the stridency as a regular in your wardrobe.

Nicki Minaj busts bikini

And his account of Instagram it is one of the best platforms that you have in your hand Nicki to add fuel to the fire. It is in your profile in which we have been able to check as Minaj you do not have any problem at the time of putting on a bikini a few sizes smaller than him.

Two photos in your profile in which we can see with a swimsuit bathroom that belong to the recording of his latest video clip, Megatron, in which, once more, the singer is shown as sensual as always.

Two photos that, together, add up to almost 5 million likes on Instagram and that have caused a good number of comments. And of course, many have decided to remember the arch-enemy of Nicki. There you can read reviews as “¡Or Cardi B!”, “You learn Cardi B!”, “It is amazing” or “Will burst the bikini”.