Phrases of the songs of Shakira that lied to us about love


These songs of Shakira made us believe in love, but when the time passed, we discovered that we actually had done a lot of damage.

We had done believe in a love full of codependencyor think that someone would leave us for someone else it would return later when she had cellulite.

And of course, for a long time the songs that we sing they speak of a love that is heartbreaking, toxic and terrible.

A love that when lost leaves us aimless and homeless.

And although one part is true, and lose a love that always hurts. It is also true that we are able to heal, move forward, and our lives do not end there.

Here we tell you some of the songs of Shakira that we were led to believe in a love that is dependent and toxic.

“Because I, I yes that I depend on you. If I get you, I is the life”: I miss you.

This is one of the songs most toxic of Shakira. Basically want to disappear all over the world, but always stay with that person. And well, it’s a metaphor, but… do you prefer to a person although it is “contaminating all the water on the planet”? I don’t know…

“A thousand years not I will unsubscribe and forget”: I’m here.

This song speaks of a separation or rupture, which supposedly will never be able to forget and leave behind. So that is in the same place: stuck, lost and unable to recover that person or herself.

“This love does not allow me to be on foot. Because until I have cracked heels” / “For you I have become a thing that does not make another thing more than love you”: Blind, deaf and dumb.

This is another song with a very strong argument (although they run out of argument), it says that it is a love that breaks time and time again, but she falls down again. Because he is gross, blind, deaf and mute… and the only thing that does is love him. Heartbreaking.

“Because without you, the world already gives me the same” / “If you’re going, if you go, if you leave, the world will be grey” / “When the wrinkles cut off the skin and the cellulite invades her legs, you come back from your hell”: If you’re going.

Another of the songs of Shakira that we sing cries thinking about the new girlfriend of our ex… We did lack sisterhood and Shakira also. And above all, remember that we are not “replaced” by a younger woman or anything like that. And that even in the case of an infidelity, nothing depended on us. But Shakira is referred to that other woman as a “witch piece of leather”. And in addition, it ensures that he will return some day. And because life doesn’t work that way.

“I don’t believe in me yet… just believe in your smile blue, in your crystal look” / “Thou, even thou only you bend my reason and that’s to where you want to go,”: I don’t think.

This song speaks of all the things that I create, and why in reality the only one who believes it is in your partner. In the stronger part says: “I do Not believe in me,” still”, because, according to Shakira think more on your partner than on herself. How Khá?

“I never thought that pain love so. When it buries itself in the middle of a no and a yes”: You notice, you ad.

Another song that also speaks of an infidelity. Even in the video you see that other woman. But says that love hurts, and even though supposedly she is going, not from strength, but with quite a lot of resentment toward your partner and the woman with whom he apparently cheated on you.

“Since I have become your lap dog. You know that without you I’m not, you know where you’re going I’m going” / “Below the asphalt and further down I would be without you”: The wall.

This song also has several phrases terrible, a woman that is ready to do everything to please a man. It is defined as a lap dog, and says that if he were not, she would be below ground so that it would fall. And no, Shaki, does not work as well…

* Pictures: Instagram @shakira