Record of New Orleans pays the rent of June to hundreds of tenants


Despite the fact that as we have been able to check lately, the world of art and music in particular are not taken too much into account, since these areas have not ceased to arise solidarity initiatives during this confinement, demonstrating that for this part there has always been a great concern for the well-being of society in general.

Have been literally thousands of initiatives to collaborate in any way to minimize the effects of the restrictions imposed by the health crisis caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, but what we are going to count now stands out powerfully. And is that Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams, director of the u.s. seal Cash Money Recordshave donated in the name of their record company $ 225,000 to the oenegĂ© Forward Together New Orleans (FTNO), an organization that fights for cover a wide range of needs in the city of the state of Louisiana during this pandemic.

This important donation, which in principle had been designed for the month of may, will serve to assist in the payment of rent from June, hundreds of families without resources in poor areas of New Orleans. With this, the brothers Williams, whose seal is responsible from 1991 to launch the careers of Lil Wayne, Juvenile, or Nicki Minaj among many others, aim to “give back to the community” part of what this has given to them. Something that may sound like a clichĂ© but in this case trite is going to materialize in the aid so necessary in these moments.

Bryan Williams has commented: “The legacy of Cash Money belongs to the city of New Orleans. There is nothing more important to us than giving back to the brothers and sisters who live in those same streets in which we grew up, from musicians to other service workers and working families, day-to-day. It has always been this seal”.

“New Orleans made us and is part of who we are”says Ronald. “We are devastated because this pandemic is affecting our community there with so much strength and we are committed to doing what we can to help now and in the long term”.