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This year will be Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira the protagonists of the concert that he played the rest of the Super Bowl. This event has become a way to know what is going on in the universe more massive of the pop massive. Thanks to the Super Bowl we knew that the series CSI had been encouraging a revival of The Who (2011), that there was a person that could be loaded by itself a show Madonna and that was called MIA (2012), or that Travis Scott, for many it was only the boyfriend (ex, now) Kylie Jenner, was also one of the rappers most successful of 2019. You now have until documentary on Netflix, something that is listed as a detector of pedigree.

The past year was particularly traumatic for the organizers of the event, they received the sound negative of Rihanna. Months later the event, the Barbados would explain in detail the reasons that led to decline the offer. “I could not dare to do that. What for? Who will benefit from my action? Not my people. I can not be sold. There are things in the organization with which I disagree and was not willing to collaborate with those people,” he told the american edition of the magazine Vogue. Rihanna had appeared on several occasions in favor of the protest Colin Kaepernick, section of the NFL in 2017 after kneeling during the anthem american response to cases of police brutality and racism in their country.

“I could have won a lot of money. But there is someone who sacrificed his job for us, so we have to be with him,” said the rapper Cardi B to justify that same year, refused to join Maroon 5 and Travis Scott in the show of the Super Bowl. The rapper said that the hardest thing had been telling his then-boyfriend, Offset of the group Migos, a fan of american football, who had declined the offer to participate in the concert. This year, the author of Invasion of privacy it has been the subject of one of the musical events related to the Super Bowl that have been carried out in Miami these days. Cardi B has acted on the feast of the presentation of the ninth edition of Fast & Furious, where also acts.

Jay Z along with other raperoempresario, Sean Combs, during the celebration of the Brunch annual that organizes your emporium, Inbo Nation

Jay Z, along with another rapper/entrepreneur, Sean Combs, during the celebration of the Brunch annual that organizes your emporium, Inbo Nation Photo: Getty

Rihanna and Cardi B are not the first to say no to the Super Bowl. For example, in 2010, the rapper Jay Z, also known for being the husband of Beyoncé and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world of the show, he received an offer to act. Everything seemed to be going well until, from the organization, he suggested that the performance would gain luster if they “brought some friends,” a phrase that is heard more in porn industry than in the music. The rapper and former owner of the NBA franchise Brooklyn Nets, had just cast a single next to Kanye West and Rihanna entitled Run this town. The organization of the Super Bowl should have thought that the author of some of the most successful albums of hip hop the story didn’t have enough pull by itself. He refused to act. “The system they use to select the artist I do not like”, share more later. “Interview three or four musicians at once and choose one, so that each year there are three that come out disappointed in the process. If in each edition you end up nagging, in three years, you have nine pissed-off”, he continued, making it clear that he did well in mathematics.

Interestingly, last year, his company Roc Nation signed an agreement with the NFL to produce the concert for the rest of the Super Bowl. With the new system implemented by Jay Z and his business, people like Pink, in case I have some single of success, could act in the event. The artist is tired of waiting for months the deliberations of the producers about who was chosen to participate in 2017 and autodescartó publicly. Less patience was Adele. After leak rumors about his possible participation in the Super Bowl that same 2017, the london took advantage of a concert of hers in Los Angeles to make it clear that I was not going to be a part of it. “I’m not going to act there. Come on, this is not going music. In addition, I do not know to dance, or do anything like that. They were very kind to the ofrecérmelo, but I had to say no.” Shortly after, the NFL issued a statement denying having negotiated ever with Adele’s participation in the show.

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