Selena Gomez surprises you with blonde hair do you Want to look like Hailey Baldwin?


Since a few months ago, the artist Selena Gomez surprises us with his new life, routines, music and even appearance. But now it was further away! Look at the photo spread of her new hair color.

Selena Gomez it is, for years, one of the singers most beloved in the world of the show: its early in the action, until his role in the famous series of Disney, The Wizards of Waberly Place, and then, pulling out albums as a solo artist.

Even if your youth has not been easy, in regard to romantic relationships, as the singer Justin Bieber with whom he had several twists and turns, now the girl of 27 years surprise with their new jobs and their fans love it.

Also, apparently, was not enough: beyond the cosmetic surgeries that experts say that Selena Gomez has made, there are other changes not so obvious, such as their height, the use of some make-up and your hair.

Always was a beautiful brunette to his thousands of followers, but in the last hours appeared photos where you are going with a radical change, which no one expected: it is now blonde!

While at the beginning all of them were speechless until they read the post from Instagram altogether and realized that it was photoshop, it is not difficult to imagine, in this way, the singer with the blonde hair. Nor missed the comments that compared it to the model Hailey Baldwin, wife of Justin Bieber. What is a competition without end?