Serena Williams shows empathy with players affected by COVID-19


The american tennis player Serena Williams, expressed his dismay regarding the situation faced by the young tennis players that are being affected by the lack of tournaments before the COVID-19.

“It’s really scary for many players. We have people here in our sport that lives to play tennis; therefore, we do not currently have an income because they are not competing,” he said.

In the face of this situation, the multichampion questioned whether the white sport is being handled properly, in addition to what could be done to support their colleagues that are going through a difficult economic situation.

“There are many things that generate a lot of questions about what will happen, if this could happen again and that the players are prepared for it. Then you have to ask yourself, how can you improve the things in the day-to-day players, who are the real product of the tennis?”, concluded.