Shakira and Rosalia come out great imitators, And they come strong!


Be at the height of artists like Shakira or Rosalia it is very difficult, but in the world of imitation there is so much talent that often surprise us. These two artists are full of personalityboth in singing as in his way of being, which makes them very special and an object of imitation for the enthusiasts of this world.

Sometimes even the artists themselves who develop this talent to mimic to some colleagues in the profession. In one of the last interviews of Rosalia, was the same which surprised singing of Barranquilla, a imitation received numerous compliments on the part of his followers.

It was for Elle USA, in a small game in which Rosalia it should associate a word that gave a song and interpret it. The Catalan did not hesitate to resort to Hips Dont Lieone of the classic themes of Shakira when the word was body.

His way of singing it trying to imitate the voice of the colombian singing did not go unnoticed to the viewers of the game, and among the comments you can read some mentioning this particular time. “I need a collaboration between Rosalia and Shakira“ said one. We didn’t know about until now!

A Rosalia very peculiar

But to the own Rosalia it has also been released these days a great imitator. It is Mario Jeffersoncontestant of the 2011 edition of operación Triunfo, which has recreated a format of another well-known fashion magazine, Vogue, in which a Rosalia very peculiar opens the doors of his home to talk about their hobbies, their international friends and, of course, of his native Barcelona.

The also singer decided to recreate this form format comic with a friend, which was to be a journalist, as they toured his home and imitated the way of speaking of the Catalan, as well as some gestures and expressions of the same. Even made a few false fingernails of paper to mimic the manicure of the artist.

A video of hilarious that in just a few hours has raised over half a million views between the different social networks. Since then, Don Mario Jefferson would be a great signing for Your face is familiar to me!