Shawn Mendes with black nails normalizes the enamel for men


Shawn Mendes
Getty Images

Something I love about being a woman is to paint me nails. Each season I’d bet on the new trends in nail art and going to make me manicure is one of the gifts my for my that I enjoy most. And now, thanks to that Shawn Mendes normalized to the painted fingernails on men, it will be something that they will also be able to do if they so choose.

The singer was caught by paparazzi working out during your vacation in Australia and in the pictures you can see that takes the nails painted black. We don’t know yet what exactly was it that encouraged him to pintárselas, but we have a slight suspicion that your black nails can be the remnants of his Halloween costume. Be that as it may, this is one more reason to love him.

In the photos, Shawn appears with shorts blue and a hoodie black. This is not the first time that the interpreter of In My Blood used enamel on the nails. In fact, everything seems to indicate that the color black is his favorite because already had looked so previously.

As expected, the photo of your nails painted viralizó in a matter of minutes on social networks and their followers are already coming to your own conclusions. Most of their fans claim that the singer is part of the project Polished Man Campaign, an annual effort that encourages others to painted nails to create awareness on the children affected by the violence.

Shawn Mendes is not the only famous artist to paint the nails. Harry Styles has not surprised with a manicure impeccable on more than one occasion, and Joe Jonas has been taking matching nails with his wife, Sophie Turner.