Some ‘hackers’ are ruining christmas Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey has become the indisputable queen of Christmas, and your success All i want for Christmas is you ‘ makes history year after year, however the singer has not been able to finish by 2019 so well as I wanted and get almost estropearlas their favorite holidays.

The Twitter account of Mariah Carey, where she is still more than 20 million people, was hacked by some pirates from the network, which used the profile of the singer for insulting Eminen, with which Carey has always maintained a public war, or make racist comments.

In terms of alarm bells, the team of the diva managed to lock the account, which after some time returned to the hands of Mariah Carey, who joked with what happened: “I echo a nap and this is what happens”.

Without a doubt, nothing can sour the holiday season, which this year has once again beat record with its classic, becoming the only artist that gets to be in the number one of the Billboard with the same song for four decades in a row.