Sophie Turner has not seen Game of Thrones in years


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Sophie Turner interpreted in Game of Thrones to Sansa Starkwho at the end of the eighth season, she was named Queen of the North, however, the actress confessed that it is quite time that you do not see the series.

Turner went to an interview for the program BBC Radio 1, in which the presenter Greg James started the conversation by saying that it may be the worst of the interviewers, because it has not seen any chapter of Game of Thronesto which the English actress replied that she neither has done recently.

“It’s okay, me neither, I have seen none in years. Everything is on the internet, so it’s not like you’re losing something,” he said.

The actress who played one of the members of the family Stark, took the opportunity to retract his prosecution against Emilia Clarke(your enemy in the series), whom he blamed of having left a Starbucks cup on the set of filming Game of Thrones and it appeared in one of the scenes, now assured that the person responsible was Kit Harington.