Sour Candy Lady Gaga is compared with the Swish swish of Katy Perry


In Twitter became a trend immediately, the new single of Lady Gaga Sour Candy however users of the service microbloggin they began to make a comparison with the song of Swish swish Katy Perry then claim that they are very similar.

The song Sour Candy, which was performed in conjunction with the group of K-Pop BlackPink to nine hours of have been posted already above 10 million views on Youtube.

It also became the number one both in Spotify as in iTunes, it is said that the admirers of Perry began to compare the rhythms of both songs stating that they were extremely similar.

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Katy Perry who is next to become a mother launched Swish swish three years ago, such a simple moment became a trend later started throwing hints that he like other singles of the singer was plagiarism.

“Sorry, but SOUR CANDY is nothing like a Swish Swish. They are not sandy and enjoy the song that is ART!… PERIODT!”, he shared a Twitter user.

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Many netizens mentioned that in your momeno when was Perry in conflict for his song began to criticize it and who today are the same users that are supporting it after it was mentioned that Lady Gaga had changed the lyrics of his song only because the beat was very similar to that of the interpreter “Roar”.

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“Trying to explain to the maricos that Sour Candy is no plagiarism, since Swish Swish Katy, Girls like Zara and Truffle Butter Minaj they looked at What they say to get their rhythms”, shared @Albstracto.

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Up to the time or Katy Perry like that Lady Gaga and even BlackPink statements have been made about it or any comments on the conflict that have created their admirers on Twitter.

It is possible that many songs today it will inspire or guide you in other tunes to launch their own simple perhaps it could be that this happened by chance and nothing more.

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