Sum Tamaulipas 90 cases of Covid in a day; he gets to a thousand 734


Sum Tamaulipas 90 cases of Covid in a day; he gets to a thousand 734

With 90 new positive cases that were confirmed this Thursday, in Tamaulipas rose to a thousand 734 the number of infections Covid-19, with a total of 104 deaths. The night of this Thursday, the secretary of Health of Tamaulipas, Gloria Molina Gamboa, reported that during the afternoon were confirmed 70 patients positive to the disease. Added to the 20 that had been confirmed during the day.

He added that throughout the day there were six patients died, all from complications associated with obesity, hypertension and diabetes is not controlled.

The three deaths that were recorded in the afternoon were a man of 47 years a resident of Madero, with a history of type 2 diabetes mellitus; a male of 33 years old from Ciudad Victoria, who suffered from morbid obesity and diabetes mellitus type 2 uncontrolled; and another man of 37 years old originally from City Mante, who presented with morbid obesity.

Molina urged the citizens to remain at home as long as possible, to respect the healthy distance, wash hands frequently, cough or sneeze into the inner corner of the arm, not touching the face with dirty hands and go to the doctor if you develop fever, cough and difficulty breathing.