The 5 things that celebrities with perfect skin never do


You know how the famous get to have a radiant skin, luminous and without blemishes

One of our obsessions beauty is to show off a perfect skin and even though many times it is complicated, a beauty routine daily can get your skin is better than ever.

For this reason, and because the tricks have never come wrong, much less in times of quarantine, we’ve compiled some tips that celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, Emma Watson, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Anniston follow to get a perfect skin.

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Never clean the face with warm water

The hot water does is eliminate the natural protective barrier of the skin causing it to dry out. Even, you will notice that after a hot shower the skin is very dry. What is best to do it always with warm water.

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Do not sleep wearing make-up

The ritual of cleaning is basic to our face in the morning and at night. The ideal is to make a double cleaning.

Start by removing the impurities with micellar water then do a more thorough cleaning with a milk or oil make-up remover. Also read: Known the diet of Kendall Jenner to maintain an enviable figure

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Don’t use all the facial products that there are

If you know the basic needs of your skin, you’ll know which type of products you should use. For example, some famous have in your list basic a cleanser, a tonic and hydrating products.

The choice of the formula of each product will depend on how you have the skin: dry or hydrated.

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Take care of your skin from the inside out

In addition to drink plenty of water to keep it hydrated, eat well and healthy. Consume foods that contain vitamins and antioxidants which are essential for an optimal state of the skin.

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Do not leave the street without protection

Celebrities don’t get out of the house, even in winter, without a safety factor and total for the day of the sun, also apply sun protection.

It is true that your skin needs to absorb necessary amounts of vitamin C, but you should always take the sun with protection and if you’re going to spend the day in the office is also using protector, because the not visible light emitted from computers, and mobile phones speed up the aging process of our skin.

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