The antics of Cardi B is not transformed in phases into a fun clip viral


The daughter of Cardi B, and Offset, Kulture, not bothered by full while his mother shouted his name repeatedly in a clip-hysterical.

It seems that Cardi B has finally found his partner. It is no secret that Cardi has a very strong personality, which sometimes manifests itself in an unpleasant behavior. Often, their antics are good for fun, but it seems that your baby, Kulture, is beyond the infantilism of his mother.

Paras Griffin / .

The rapper famous and noisy recently released a video hilarious in that shot the little girl of almost 2 years glued to his iPad while he sucked on a pacifier. Cardi yell, “Kulture!” time and time again to a volume alarmingly high, but your daughter even looks up from his screen. Based on the non-reaction of the Kulture, it seems that this is something usual, and even at such a young age, has already been used to his mother acting like a fool all the time. Near the end of the clip, removed the pacifier from Kulture of your mouth, which eventually leads her to look to her mother. The baby has an expression on his face as if to say “can I help you?” and all this has no price.

The clip went viral, and some insisted that it serves as proof that Cardi is really getting on my nerves to Kulture. A Twitter user retuiteó the video and wrote: “Kulture is so fed up of Cardi and his antics”, to which Cardi replied: “And guess who made me get out of the shower, thirty minutes after this in vivo with soap only for me.” acurrucarla and hug her to sleep? Yes, miss Kulture “.

“At Kulture does not like her mom and that is the fun part”, she tweeted about getting another troll. “Each video that you ignore all those shouts”. Cardi responded to this hatred with a clip of Kulture giving him a kiss, showing that his angel actually shows his love. “Strong and wrong”, he wrote.

Needless to say, the love of a mother and daughter is real, even if Cardi becomes too energetic for his offspring at times.