The argentina that is pretending to be Jennifer Aniston in TikTok to “conquer” the Brad Pitt trans-andean


What happened?

Some weeks ago it became viral Luciano Chierichetti, a young tiktoker argentine that was all the rage in the social network by his resemblance to the actor Brad Pitt, which has led to over 17 thousand followers and a great popularity.

His fame gave way to that, between jokes, look like Jennifer Aniston argentina, a woman who used digital tools to become like the actress and former actor. “Everyone tells me I look like Jennifer and now that I have my Brad Pitt in argentina I want to know“says the woman behind the profile @larusachorny.

However, she is instructed to demonstrate the trick it managed with the use of the application Impressionsthat did become egalitarian to the actress. “I loved it, blew my Tik Tok, but it is an application, the hair is mine, but the eyes and this face is not,” he said.

The woman in addition made videos demonstrated how the application managed to change his face, showing in addition what is your real face. “When it expires the application and is just the charm,” he wrote.

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