The brothers Range a Thousand, are crowned next to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in Tik Tok

The City Of Juarez.- The mariachi and folkloric dance for years has represented the mexican culture around the world, remaining rooted to the rules and customs with which we began, he mentioned Jesus Range member and son of the well-known Pooch Range Director of the mariachi Gama Mil.

However a few months ago for Jesus along with his brother Charles, managed to grab the eyes of the world to ride one of the choreographies performed by the singer Shakira during half time of the super Bowl.

It was in the platform of the moment Tik Tok that the brothers decided to make the Champeta Challenge, which came to the gaze of the public, if not also of the interpreter recompartiendo the video of the young mariachis, thus register more than 2 million 119 thousand reproductions.

Shortly after they also added the JL challenge, having the same reaction to the diva of the Bronx, in an exclusive interview with Net News, Jesus Range mentioned never, ever imagined that would happen, so now the brothers ‘ dream is to be next to the famous singers on the same stage.

With the intention of having a more direct approach with the people is that the tapatio invited the community to which the follow through of Tik Tok and Instagram as Jesusgamajr and his brother as Chadbi or by Facebook as Mariachi Gama 1000.

Interview #exclusive with Jesus Range Jr. the Mariachi Gama 1000 who along with his brother, have become the kings of the #tiktok making and creating different challenges, that #Shakira and #JLo have recognized

Posted by on Thursday, May 28 2020