The brutal exercise that makes Jennifer Aniston revealed by his coach


At 51 years, Jennifer Aniston looks a look enviable and a large part of the blame are the results of your physical exercise together with your personal trainer, Leyon Azubuike.

The fitness guru has revealed in ‘Us Weekly’ that the protagonist of ‘Friends’ will “the whole machine” while you are in the gym. “Facing the training in the same way that faces the life,” says Azubuike. “It always gives 150 percent.”

The founder of the program of training of boxing Gloveworx also confessed what was the big initial challenge for Aniston. “At first I liked the camber. But now it is a beast with it,” he said before adding that “it is one of the most beautiful people on the planet. So I have to keep at the highest level”.

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Azubuike also found the exercises that he incorporates in his training sessions with the actress. “There is muscle confusion –a method that raises the need to vary and surprise our body, we train the top and bottom of the body, there are boxing, jumping rope… We’ve worked together for so long that it is now to see how it is adapting and how we have to go modifying the training for your body to continue responding well to him.” And judging by the recent photos of the cover in the magazine ‘Interview’, it seems that it is responding beautifully.

“It’s like working with the best athlete on the planet. Look Steph Curryfor example, I don’t think there is a best scorer in leap in the history of basketball. So, as a coach, are you going to make to improve encestando baskets? Not really, but you have to keep you up there. And that is my goal with Jen,” said Azubuike.