The confessions of Pete Davidson on Ariana Grande and Mac Miller


Through an interview granted to Charlamagne Tha God, Pete Davidson spoke on various aspects of his private lifein particular, on their old romances, as the standupero is well known for maintaining relationships with beautiful women from the entertainment industry, among which stands out the interpreter ‘Thank u, next,’, Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson formed one of the relations most media in 2018, in fact, the romance between the two personalities was strongly criticized, because just a few months of having finished with her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, the interpreter ‘God is a woman’ he was already committed to the comedian of Saturday Night Livehowever, that commitment faded rapidly and two years after the event, Pete Davidson finally reveals why.

And is that, although Ariana never revealed his reasons, Davidson feels that the reason for that is that their commitment ended was due to the death of Mac Miller, ex-boyfriend of Big. “I think I said something like ‘I’ll Be here until you want me to be here.’ He knew that everything was over after that. It was something really horrible and I can not even imagine what fucking that must be going through something as well. It is horrible” continued the comedian, “All I can say is that she truly loved him and in no time he set up a show or something by the style. All that was something that was fucked up and prayers for your family and friends are still here” revealed Davidson for the portal to us.

The current relationship between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Also, Pete noted that, once finished his romance with Ariana Grande, he always wanted to continue maintaining a cordial relationshipas with the rest of their ex-partner, however; his work as a comedian has made the standupero make comments against it without really feel it.

“I think being hurtful is out of my limits (…) I want to be well with all, but the stand up is part of my life, it is something really public. I feel that Ariana yes is publicly expressed and stopped; and as I said, I don’t have social networks or anything like that; I don’t have a platform to express my feelings, so that is why I do so through the stand-up” revealed Pete Davidson.

Likewise, revealed that, by the time you prefer to be single and focus on their mental health, although, of course, in the not too distant future you plan to have childrento be more precise, ‘in five years’, which has made his followers begin to ask questions about the woman indicated to form a family side to the comedian.