The disgust that Jennifer Lopez and Chicago share these days


Jennifer Lopez and Chicago they are not the only ones that have seen truncated your summer plansbut they are an example to represent all those couples which were raised given the “I do” during the time of confinement or for the next few months and either have had to postpone the day of your weddingor maintain a large uncertainty in the face of the situation.

The american confessed these days an average american, NBC News, and his frustration with the fact that you have had to postpone one of the most important days of your life, your wedding.

I am heartbroken because we had made big plans“ confessed the artist to the presenter Hoda Kotb. The interpreter The ring I thought to take a time of rest after the Super Bowl, and the recording of the dance program, which produces, World of Dance in order to devote himself to the organization of wedding and live it without worries or tasks at the margin.

We have to wait and see… Maybe even better, we have to believe that this will be the“ added the same, confessing that they still have not dared to look for a new date for the same.

Chicago, wedding in desescalada

In a similar situation is found our Chicagowhich had planned their wedding for the next June 14. A few weeks ago the artist herself confirmed that they were considering alternatives to be able to carry it out, as to celebrate it without guests. But taking into account that they would lose a large part of the magic and away from your expectations to not be able to share your love with all your loved ones, as well thought in the least desired, the delay.

Finally, it has been not only the decision, but also the most responsible, taking into account that her fiance, Miguel Angel Encinas, works in the Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos and the situation of coronavirus is still not braking.

The day of the wedding should be to celebrate love with the people you love the most, so it must not be easy to conduct this type of events maintaining the safety distance between the guests, without kissing, hugging, or dancing together.

For that, we send our encouragement to both artists, and I just remember it, when is the day of the wedding, it will be special because I will have everything with them. And there will be worth it.