The emotional reunion between Sophie Turner and Kit Harington


The Microsoft Threatre in Los Angeles, hosted yesterday the ceremony of the Emmy awards, where awards for the best television series in the united States.

Yesterday with all the theatre to the brim, lived in one of the images more emotional that they remember the ceremony: the reunion between the friends, Kit Harington and Sophie Turner. Both actors, have lived more than seven years together because of the filming of the now legendary HBO series, Game of Thrones, where gave life to Jon Snow and Sansa Stark respectively.

The british they met at the gala and was greeted with a honey spicel, gave a hug that lasted a few seconds, denoting the affection that you are saved.

The columnist of ‘the Hollywood Reporter’, Scott Feinberg, was able to capture the moment, in the process of recording and uploading later to your Twitter account. The video in just a few hours, surpassed the one million views and had over 16 thousand ‘I like’.

Difficult times for Kit

In spite of the lived moment at the gala of yesterday, Kit Harington, you are not going through their best personal time. Just prior to the issuance of the last chapter of Game of Thronesthe british actor had to sneak in a clinical detoxification because of its addition to the alcohol and problems stress produced by the end of filming in which he had been involved for 8 years.

In the past year due to the addition of the alcohol, the briton was involved in a series of altercations in the public right of waybeing sounded, your expulsion of a bar in New York for assaulting a customeror when it came out a series of photographs that captured the performer in a very poor state.

In Addition, Kit he came only to the conclusion of the gala of the Emmy award-winning so shot all the rumors about a possible rupture with his wife Leslie -that also acted in the fiction of HBO – with whom he married just over a year ago in a scottish castle

Now after the completion of the series that will always be remembered, we can see the actor in the upcoming Marvel movies, where they give life to the Dark Knight in ‘The Eternals’.