The four foods that take care of your hair Kim Kardashian


The food is cave to the health and appearance of hair for any woman. And this he knows perfectly businesswoman, socialite and tv star Kim Kardashian, who knows that her long mane is an area of your body that produces profits in advertising.

Now, the wife of Kanye West takes care of your power to the maximum so that his long hair always looks healthy, bright, radiant and perfect.

Kim Kardashian, is quite a chameleon in terms of style and appearance is concerned. In the last five years has left us without words at the look looks very risky, especially at the time of wearing his hair.

We’ve seen it blonde, platinum, brown, with manes of short, long, extra long and with all the colors of the different dyes that exist. But despite all of its changes, the entrepreneur of 39 years, always has a hair spectacular and enviable.

She revealed in an interview that in your kitchen can not miss four foods for your hair to grow healthy and strong, and all this in spite of their countless changes of look.

These foods are rich in biotin, vitamin E, omega 3 and zinc. What are they? eggs, salmon, carrots and avocado.

Sources of vitamins

Here are some of the properties of these foods:


Contain protein of high biological value and help to the protection of the hair follicles. Experts recommend that you consume the yolk, due to its large ‘benefits capillaries’.


They are rich in beta-carotene, a component that cells need to reproduce. In addition, contribute to cell renewal, and to encourage the irrigation of the hair follicles.


Their fatty acids that nourish the follicle and promote stronger growth and healthy hair, so this mistreated. If used as a shampoo also helps the growth of hair fibers.

The salmon:

Its content of zinc, copper and iron help to oxygenate the circulation in the scalp which ensures promotes faster growth. Also this food to enhance the density of the hair fiber.

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