The inspiring crusade for equal pay for Alex Morgan


If, for a moment, leave aside their gender and we were to focus exclusively on the accomplishments of its curriculum, it would be impossible to conceive of the cross-current of Alex Morgan. After having been part of two Olympic Games and three World cups, having been the face of Nike, Coca-Cola or cover of video game FIFA (the first woman to get it), having been named as one of the 100 most influential people on earth and, for years, one of the players better paid, it seems difficult to understand that the goal of this model is the equality and respect. Because by have, has, like icons as Michael Jordan, up to his own film vocation enlightening, entitled Alex and I. The World of women’s football, which has been held since June 7 in France, you can mark a before and an after in the future of a sport whose growth proceeds exponentially but that he was still looking at with a telescope of long scope to her male counterpart. No player would deny that the most important goals of the championship will be marked out of the grass, and Morgan has already opened the scoring.

Alex Morgan

The women’s team of the united States is the current champion of the World. Will win the title in France? Photo: Getty

The “equalizing”. This is the nickname and mission the prestigious magazine Time grants the californian of 29 years on the cover of its June issue. Nothing to become pichichi or of returning with a medal of gold hanging from its neck, leader of the selection american –one of the eternal favorites of the tournament– has to face the challenge of achieving equality historically denied to the players of the country. The Morgan was the first firm in the allegation that the past 8 of march, women’s day, presented the selection of female against his own federation for pay discrimination and technique, once proven, the best conditions received by the men to train or travel. The suit argues that, while the players of the men’s team receive a salary per game of between 5,000 and $ 17,000 depending on the quality of the opponent, this pay is not offered to women. They do not charge any draws or defeats, they only do if you beat teams ranked among the top 10 of the ranking of the FIFA.

Alex Morgan

The footballer stars in the cover of the June issue of Time magazine.

Beyond the ethics that would create federations subsidized in part with public money, the arguments common to chalk up these numbers to the economic differences and media between one and the other team cannot help in this case. The men team of the united States was not even able to qualify for the World cup in 2018. The female has already won on three occasions. The last of the victories, of the final of the championship of 2015, became the game of football seen in the history of the country with an audience of 23 million people.

Your demand has become a public debate throughout the country, and has made public figures to join her. Actresses such as Natalie Portman, Jessica Chastain or Eva Longoria went this past April to a match of the selection in Los Angeles wearing t-shirts with the slogan #TimesUpPayUpclaiming this wage increase. “We have more to do in general: we have to be athletes, we have to be a model of behavior, we have to lead the way for the next generation. Are you doing that the sportsmen?, are you thinking of someone more than themselves? I don’t know. We have more than one job in this position and we are paid much less,” says Morgan in Time.

The footballer of the Orlando Pride has made it clear also that in the case of done with the World Cup not going to the traditional reception at the White House with the president Trump. Has publicly criticized the work of the current cabinet, especially in regard to the immigration policy and the separation of families on the border. Morgan is very attached to the family of her husband, also a soccer player Servando Carrasco, a native of Mexico. One of the signs of identity of the player, his ribbon of pink hair, carries it from the institute as a sign of support for his mother-in-law after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She not seem to mind the fact that expressing their political views may affect your public image or future advertising contracts. “We are always told that we should ‘stick to sports’. We are much more than athletes, what is it worth?”.

The burning competitive is part of his DNA since childhood. This April marked his goal 100 with the selection american he confessed the international editor of Vogue Hamish Bowles who grew up to be a “tomboy”. “I wanted to win the children at all. I wanted to be faster, I wanted to be stronger.” To end the sexism in history that pursues the young people who decide to play football, was one of the visible faces of the campaign of national scope Play like a girl (Played as a girl)that led to her to practice their skills with the ball on the very lawn of the White House next to Michelle Obama. His social commitment of Morgan transcends feminist activism. In 2017, was one of the first signatories of the initiative led by the midfielder spaniard Juan Mata Common Goal, a charity project that asks the players which adhere to it to donate 1% of their salary to charitable causes.

Alex Morgan

A fan holds a poster with the image of the front of the selection american. Photo: Getty

The inspirational role models of Morgan was treated in a very literal way in the film Alex and I, in which it appeared, that genie of the lamp, to a girl trying to succeed as a soccer player but that he lacked confidence in herself. Reviewed your resume, it is not surprising that it is considered one of the 100 most influential people in 2019a title ratified by the first legend of women’s football, Mia Hamm, in a column that sums up what it means to the front for the american society in times of Trump. “As a mother of two girls, twins of 12 years, I understand the impact that Alex has in the next generation. Your commitment to stand as a positive example for them has no comparison and I am extremely grateful that the future of our sport is in such good hands”. And in such a good instep.