The inspiring dicurso in the Selena Gomez shows how proud you feel for being mexican


There is No doubt that Selena Gomez is one celeb with the power to inspire many people around the world (consider that just in Instagram has more than 178 million followers).

And some days ago, the pop star gave a great speech dedicated to all migrant students, recent graduates, who were forced to finish their education in a virtual way in the last few months.

Selena Gomez and her powerful message to the migrant students in the united States

‘Congratulations to all the migrants! I know that this is a ceremony to be virtual, but it is very real, and it is very real for all families and for all of you and your communities’, started saying the talented singer Selena Gomez in her emotional speech.

‘I want you to know that they matter and that their experiences are a huge part of american history’, added the interpreter of ‘Same Old Love’.

Selena Gomez feels proud to be mexican-american

Not everyone knows it, but the actress of 27 years has mexican roots. Although Sel was born in Texas, the united States, his family is mexican (her dad, Ricardo Joel Gomez, is a native of Guadalajara, Jalisco).

When my family came from Mexico, threw my american historylike the of you. My story is not unique, every one of you has a similar’, it reminded him of Sel to their fans.