The response without censorship of Cardi B to Rosalia after listening to her singing | Music


It is clear that Rosalia has become an international phenomenon. Every time are more the musical legends that fall rendered to his talent, and it is not strange, because it has been shown on more than one occasion that his vocal ability could come from another planet.

One of the voices more sharp has not been able to avoid getting hypnotized by the voice of our protagonist is Cardi B. All happened when, last may 19, the magazine ELLE shared the fun game we did to the Catalan. They mention a word and she would respond by interpreting a song that the mention among its verses. Yes, I could choose between the version in English or in Spanish.

When the term “hot” appeared, Rosalia recalled one of his appearances more special: the GRAMMY. Took the opportunity to mention to Offset, who recorded some words, and that subsequently sounded in this performance. Speaking of the rapper, and “hot”, to Rosalia comes to mind, the new song from his wife Cardi B shares together with Anuel AA, Black Jonas Point, Secreto, and Liro Shaq.

This is the remix of The Baby we can listen to the Bronx rapping in Spanish. But the best part is when our protagonist is encouraged to interpret one of its fragments. This has come in the eyes of the own Cardi B, who has decided to devote a few words without censorship through its account of Instagram. “The way he sang it made me horny… forgive me, I have to go to the bathroom now”notes.

“I understand you, sister” and “Ummm… collaborate, queens” are some of the reactions to the message of the rapper. What is certain is that this is not any crazy idea, since it would not be the first time that we would see Rosalia rub shoulders with some benchmarks of the rap. Without going any further, a few months ago, we saw enjoying the Fashion Week of New York along with Drake. Yes, the very Drake.

What is certain is that Cardi B is not the only artist that seems to be related to our protagonist in the last names. The Catalan has announced that the 26th of June we will be able to listen to their new collaboration with the venezuelan ARK. It is KLKthat will come just a few months after the release of Hurt. What rhythms will offer us this time? And, will it be Cardi B is the next added to your discography?