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  • These are the best series romantic Netflix.
  • What is ‘Love Life’ a new ‘Modern Love’? The comparisons are inevitable.

    One of the whacks at the ball of the course 2019/20 in series referred to was ‘Modern Love’, the smash hit Amazon Prime Video, the eight short stories about various types of love (platonic, couples who had long, dark, age-old…) that was razed last fall.

    Well, for now HBO presents the series that could stand up and that, without doubt, fall in love if you liked the series of Dev Patel, Tina Fey and Anne Hathaway: it’s called ‘Love Life’ and arrived yesterday at the platform forming part of the premiere in the united States of HBO-Max, as one of its major claims.

    Lands in Spain with three chapters of entry, and each Thursday will premiere a new one to complete the ten episodes that comprise ‘Love Life’, the first in a series starring the Oscar nominated Anna Kendrick.

    According to the synopsis official, ‘Love Life’ “it’s about the trip from the first to the last love, and how the people we meet along the way we become the people we are when finally, we matched with someone forever”. The idea of the series is that each season is played by a different actor, whose character will be narrating the history of each of their relationships, how has been looking for love through your life.

    Along with Anna Kendrick (‘Pitch Perfect’, ‘A small favour’), complete the cast of this first season Zoë Chao (‘Downhill’, ‘Where are you Bernadette’), Peter Vack (‘Someone special’, ‘The trainee’), Sasha Compere (‘Miracle Workers’, ‘The sommelier’) and Lesley Manville (‘The invisible thread’, ‘Another year’).

    Stephanie Laing (‘Veep’, ‘The Crying Room’) is the director of the most episodes, along with the creator of the series, Sam Boyd (‘In a relationship’)who has also written the script for the pilot episode.

    The start of the series suggests that, on many occasions, our love life can be summed up in figures. For example, before you meet the love of my life, I was with other X people, I had two loves platonic and seven ‘rolls’ of summer. But that behind these figures, there is a history much more extensive. And we know there Darby (Kendrick), specifically in 2012, when he has just finished his university studies.

    One of the most interesting aspects of ‘Love Life’ is that it can treat the love of a way overly realistic, without falling exactly into the romantic geek. It has good performances, is what saves that we know with little likelihood of being wrong how you’re going to run the script.

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    Also worth to check out because we had a little forgotten Anna Kendrick (thanks to Netflix that the recovered for ‘A small favor’, the movie of intrigue that starred in 2018 with Blake Lively) and in ‘Love Life’ makes one of the great roles of his career.

    In short, you will thrill if you like comedies that are well made, if love is your thing and if you were one of those people that spent weeks talking about after watching ‘Modern Love’.

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