The star of Magic for Humans Justin Willman performs Magic for Kelly Clarkson and DJ Khaled


The star of Netflix even put your baby in the act, while DJ Khaled does everything possible to try to trick you and tease his act.

With the season 3 of “Magic for Humans” is now broadcast on Netflix, Justin Willman decided to share some of her magic with two humans in the last edition at home of “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

As a performer, there is nothing better than a hearing excitable, and Kelly brought enough enthusiasm whirlwind DJ Khaled for the son of Justin, who mainly wanted his bottle, and to your entire audience.


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The first was a card trick is quite simple, but the second was one of those tricks that leaves the judges of reality shows (we’re looking at, “America has talent”) dumbfounded. And despite his efforts, DJ Khaled was able to do little more than say “Wow” and admit that he was impressed.

As he reminded us several times, we love the magic. And you can’t fake this level of enthusiasm. DJ Khaled, on the other hand, it was her, I relaxed as usual, but while she looked fresh, calm and serene, his mind was working into overdrive to try to make a trip over to Justin with one of his tricks.

But it was his greatest trick, incorporate a book that described it as “the Book of The Celebrity Failures to TMZ,” with alphabetical lists of stars and some of their moments more iconic, which provoked the biggest reaction.

Now, don’t go looking for the book, which seems very fun, in your bookstore or online retailer near you, because it’s not what you’ll find there, or you’ll find TMZ really involved in any way with Its production.


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We will not say much more about that here, because it is always better to let the magic breathe. Once you lower the curtain too much, you can start to see a little man uncomfortable that is as lost and confused as by pressing quickly the buttons and pulling the levers, and nobody wants that!

Everyone can use a little bit of joy and a bright smile in their lives at this time, and Justin knows how to deliver. Perhaps even more impressive, is the creations of a magician of the next generation in her adorable son Jackson.

We can only hope that as Jackson grows and becomes more autonomous, Justin continue using it in his act. If you can’t deslumbrarlos with magic, testing with a cute kid. If you really want to surprise them, … give them both!

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