The tattoo of Miley Cyrus, which would explain his break with Liam Hemsworth


The media split between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth is already one of the year’s events, and even more so when it only had been a few months since your wedding and after the filtration of the images of the singer very candy in a boat with Kaitlynn Carter. The youtuber it has become the best support of Miley in a difficult phase, but through a press release had to disprove that it would have third parties involved in its separation from the actor.

Last night, Cyrus attended the MTV Video Music Awards in which Rosalie became the first Spanish to win one of these awards, and did so among a great deal of expectation on the part of the media who were looking for some statements from the artist of ‘Wrecking Ball’. He avoided the red carpet, but took to the stage to play their new song ‘Slide Away’, in which he talks about his sentimental life and that you are sending several darts to his former spouse: “Passing page, since we don’t have 17 years” or “you said that everything had changed, you’re right, we have grown”, some examples.

The outfit chosen by the young man got to see the last two tattoos that has been done. The first is the Bicione, a snake eating a human and that is the emblem of the House of Visconti, in Milan. There he fell in love with the image and decided to show it in your forearm. The second is a small phrase drawn on his left bicep and gives many clues as to how you have been feeling Miley in the last few weeks prior to the separation.

2019 MTV Video Music Awards – Show

My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free”, reads the tattoo. “My head had fear, but my heart was free,” would be the translation of a phrase that appears in the letter of the theme The Thingof group Pixies. The chosen message could not come at a better time, as it corroborates what I said a few days ago on their social networks, that the decision has been successful for his life and that absolutely nothing will take that compromise his version of the breakup.