This is the price that Bella Thorne has had to pay for being bisexual


In August 2016, just after ending his relationship with the actor Gregg Sulkin, Bella Thorne decided to take a step forward and confessed to the world that is bisexual. Since then, the actress has been very open on social networks regarding their love life is concerned. But although it may not appear so, Bella Thorne ensures that it has had to pay a very high price for coming out of the closet., getting to lose papers.

Since I ended up with the Factory Disney, Bella Thorne broke also with that picture of girl submissive and sweet, as did many other stars of that string. The new Bella was quiet nothing of what she thought or felt.

As A result of that, he decided to open up to the world as it is, and with it came the confession of his bisexuality. Now, the singer and actress has spoken with the Gay magazine Time and has made some revealing statements about how her life has changed at work since that came out publicly from the closet.

Apparently, in a decade in which some give for achieved the acceptance of the collective LGBTQ+, Bella Thorne he found many more negative reactions than I could imagine: “there Was someone that right when you came out of the closet canceled my audition. It is not that nobody would come in and say, ‘Well, you’re gay, so I’m not going to hire’, but it is something that notes to see that people behaves differently to be close to you”.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. The actress has explained that some people have started to treat it and look at it differently and talk to a stranger care of some issues because they believe that they are more sensitive to them. And that she has even come to lose the papers for it.

Now, Bella wants to help raise the visibility and naturalize bisexuality: “it Seems that no one understands. In this world, or you are gay or straight. There is an intermediate point […] that point is that which prevents the people to get a tag, and that bothers them much, because they can’t explain and can’t understand how it works so I hate it.