This singer had trouble accepting your natural hair


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Willow Smith he had trouble accepting your natural hair. So he admitted in the episode of may 27, the “Red Table Talk”. The topic came up when Willow, along with her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, and grandmother Adrienne Banfield Norris, and friends of the family, Mia and Madison, spoke about the colorismo, which was the topic of the program Wednesday in the series Facebook Watch.

This is the “discrimination or prejudice based on skin tone, of the members of the same race,” according to the definition that was played at the beginning of the show. In a country that has held for a long time the standards of beauty westernized, which have caused discrimination in schools and workplaces for people of color, Willow admitted: “One of the problems for me growing up was my hair… I Looked at the hair of my cousin and he said ‘it Would be a lot prettier if my hair was not so curly”.

The point out why Willow might have been as well growing up, her mother said: “The approach to the target is what is valued in the whole world, it is global”. However, Willow now embraces the success of your natural hair, that shone with pride in the program. This episode was filmed before that Willow is afeitara the head, and before of the quarantine. Cut all of the hair was a symbolic act for the daughter of Will Smith.

Willow Smith released “emotional baggage”

The boyfriend and musical partner of Willow, Tyler Cole, he shaved his hair for his exposure of 24 hours called “The Anxiety” at The Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles on march 12. “I felt I was just spewing a lot of history and emotional baggage. Six, 7 years of emotions, just let it pass,” explained Willow in the episode of march 25, Red Table Talk.

“Both parents of Willow have been extremely supportive, they are proud of it,” said a source close to Jada and Will, when the young star began her new image. “The first time I shaved the head I was 11 years old and his father was very surprised. This time it was super calm about it and very supportive. And your mother is excited. She is the biggest cheerleader of Willow”, he continued explaining. Without a doubt, the Smith’s are one of the families most solid of Hollywood.